Fields Outdoor Adventures 126 S. Perkins St
Rushville, IN  46173  ph.-(765) 932-3964
 Tues - Fri 10 to 6, Sat 10 to 5 and Sun - 1 to 5 (Closed Mondays)
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Guns and Ammo

We carry firearms from the following manufacturers:
Colt, Browning, Henry, Marlin, Remington, Thompson Center, Ruger, Beretta, Springfield Armory and many more.






Ammunition we have is from some of the following suppliers:  Hornady, Remington, Winchester, PMC, Speer, and many others.


We have optics from Nikon, Leupold, Zeiss, Burris and others.

We are a dealer for the new stock assembly from Slidefire Solutions.  This is a replacement stock for your AR-15 rifle that enables the rifle to be fired semi-automaticly extremely rapidly.  This does not alter the firing mechanism of the rifle.  The stock comes with paperwork from the BATFE stating this is not a class 3 weapon and is perfectly legal.